Journo with a camera- Exploring eSwatini

Journo with a camera- Exploring eSwatini

DJ Black Coffee at Solanis, eSwatini

DJ Black Coffee at Solanis, eSwatini

Solanis Shisanyama is a popular hangout spot in Mbabane, eSwatini. The Shisanyama trendy spot is ideal for an afternoon catch up session with friends or evening partying with the squad.

Picture courtesy of Solanis

It boasts a long list of international artists as well as big South African performing artists such as: K.O, DJ Euphonik, DJ Shimza, DA LES and socialites like Somizi Mhlongo who have performed here.

Solanis serves all kinds of beverages from Whisky, Vodka, Gin, local beer Sibebe and other beers and have a great menu to go with it. Of course there are also soft drinks for the sober party goers.

What I love about the place is that it has a number of bars that cater for visitors. During popular events there are no long queues for beverages. Siyabonga!

Speaking of celebrity A-listers at Solanis; internationally renowned house DJ Black Coffee performed at the Kingdom of eSwatini the long weekend of  28 April.

Picture courtesy of Solanis

His visit was accompanied by some smallernyana controversy though; Black Coffee was criticised by social media users for previously boycotting a concert eSwatini. In 2011, Black Coffee boycotted a concert eSwatini saying:

We can’t be happy when Swazi people are suffering. We support the call to boycott the festival. I am not going.

Haaao and then jiki jiki fast forward to 2018  Black Coffee performs in Tel Aviv, Israel over the Easter Weekend. He performed in Tel Aviv on the same weekend that allegedly saw some Palestinian protesters shot dead, and more than a thousand wounded, by Israeli forces.

He received a lot of backlash for performing there even though there was an alleged cultural boycott over the occupation of Palestine.

In a tweet The DJ Black Coffee claimed he was unaware of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. In the same breath he also said he was in the region because he would do anything to feed his family

Swazi party goers seemed divided by the DJ’s visit, with some feeling that he must stick to his previous for boycotting eSwatini gigs while others couldn’t be bothered with the controversy and could not wait to put on their dancing shoes for the DJ.

Neverthelss Solanis Spokesperson Mbekezeli Dlamini was excited to be hosting the DJ.

@allthingsswazi team was there assess the level of protest against the DJ performing in the country, and of course to have an awesome time!I had hoped to catch up with DJ Black Coffee and briefly chat about this burning issue and finally put it to rest but that didn’t happen. He was in and out like a flash.

Tickets sold out FAST which somewhat suggests that this was just a social media boycott because in all honesty most people from the bottom of their hearts and dancing shoes really just wanted a jump off party!

Those of us who were not bothered by the DJ Black Coffee vs eSwatini politics showed up in numbers.

Picture courtesy of Solanis

The weather was perfect, the vibe was everything and swazi’s came out to party. The crowd was just right and definitely brought the party spirit.

Solanis is obviously great at hosting parties and they went all out!  It certainly translated in the mother of all parties that it was. Everything from security, barmen, crowd, stage, lighting and most importantly sound was worth our E380.

Before we talk about Black Coffee can we please have a moment of silence for all those DJs that kept us on our feet the entire night!

My favourite were the last 2 performances before Black Coffee arrived: 016 Banger Boyz and DJ Mac Breezy.

Picture courtesy of Solanis
016 Banger Boyz- Picture courtesy of Solanis

I didn’t even realise that it was waaaayyyy past midnight with no sign of Black Coffee yet because the dance floor was lit.

He arrived at about 3am! 3am bafwetfu! They may as well have said he will be performing on Sunday morning the 29th  just before some of us had to go to church. He was from a gig in KZN I understand but 3am!  Some of us almost didn’t see him! We had to lay low on the alcohol intake just to make it to the finale.

Picture courtesy of Solanis

His entourage quickly made its way on stage with their own equipment: sound desk, speakers and everything and quickly set up.  The sound at Solanis was super awesome by the way. Let’s just say Black Coffee preferred his own.

I spotted DJ euphonik as part of the crew that arrived with Black Coffee

Picture courtesy of Solanis

I couldn’t help but pray that MAYBE JUST MAYBE Euphonik would surprise us with a 30 minute set nyana just nje as a bonus.  Then I would’ve really missed church! But that didn’t happen. It was good to see him though

The party continued till sunrise. At this time my eardrums were happy; buzzing with acoustic tinnitus that carried on even in my sleep, feet were aching and “2- stepping” as the squad walked outside looking for our designated sober driver.

The rest is history. We had a good time.

Sunday was recovery day with the theme song “ngicela le stuff sa izilo” – Kid X- Aunty ft Chianosky

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